B         R         A         N         D         O         N          O         C         T         O         B         E         R OCTOBER

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Walking The Talk

'The choices we make, determine our destiny'. Growing up on the Cape Flats in Mitchell's Plain 'Brandon October' knows all about adversity but he overcame life's challenges and ultimately became the successful man he is today. 'As a young boy I would look up at the stars and dream about the life I wanted for myself, but I knew that dreaming was only one part of the journey,' remembers Brandon. I needed to map out my future and then systematically do the things that would make my dreams a reality. So many people have no idea of where their lives are headed, and without the proper guidance and support, their dreams will never be realised. 

Brandon gets personal about his own life: his challenges with his sense of self-worth, failing at relationships, and ultimately how he overcame his challenges and obstacles to make him the man he is today.

Brandon’s talks focus on our attitude and choices in everyday life. His message encompasses: overcoming adversity, accountability, personal responsibility, choices, character, acceptance, selflessness, and can be tailored to your theme with advance notice.